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Eric E. Jenkins - author, broadcaster, host.
Welcome to the official website for the many faces of Eric E. Jenkins.


Does your radio station need a different voice on your ads? Eric E. Jenkins is now available to use his voice to assist with your commercial production needs. Click here for more information on how Eric's voice and production experience can help your company or radio station provide quality :30 or :60 second ads with a new voice.


Eric is now available for hosting duties. If your event needs a host or a guest speaker, click here to contact Eric regarding your hosting needs.


Eric's latest devotional message concerns what it takes to be saved. It is not a matter of changing anything. You simply have to accept Christ, invite him into your life and then confess your sins. Click here to here the devotional message and to read the accompanying scriptures.


Dead Too Soon is a biographical look inside the lives of professional wrestling stars whose lives ended very young. Dead Too Soon included looks at such stars as Eddie Guerrero, Kerry Von Erich & Andre the Giant, as well as lesser known talents like "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw & Samoan Family member Gary Albright. Dead Too Soon is scheduled to be released in 2010. Excerpts From "Dead Too Soon" are available by clicking here.


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You can read some of Eric's other works by clicking here or by visiting Eric's page at American Chronicle.


















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